1 Week
Dezeen x LG Display's OLED Go! Competition
Solo Project
Smart display. Travel bag. Recreation hub.
Folio is a modular entertainment system and spots a thin, flexible, 32-inch screen that conveniently folds into a leather-clad carrying case; magnetic clasps integrated within the aluminium arms, which are situated at both ends of the screen, snap the arms together to form a seamless cylinder with handles. This empowers people to shift, reposition and adapt Folio for work and play.
Unfolded, Folio’s magnetic clasp system also connects the screen with modules such as speakers, camera, consoles and computers, thus transmuting the display into a sound, gaming or information platform. Not only does Folio challenges the archetypal expectations of a screen, it also celebrates LG’s light and versatile OLED technology.
Modularity in design suggests a relevant ecosystem that complements our ever-changing lifestyles because components can be mixed and upgraded to offer new capabilities. More importantly, this reduces the need to purchase an entirely new device, thus prolonging the product lifecycle and potentially reducing electronic waste.
Folio is fundamentally crafted for millennial, digital nomads who work remotely, are always on the move and find joy in exploring new landscapes and rituals, at home and at work. Moreover, the relationship we share with our homes has never been closer, so much so that the lines between work, rest and play have effectively blurred.
With that in mind, Folio is designed to be versatile, portable and adapts to the space that the digital nomad resides in. Millennials regard work-life balance highly and hence Folio not only supports work but also gameplay and relaxation. Orientated in portrait mode, Folio shuffles between a digital art canvas and smart information panel that digital nomads can appreciate or interact with to get the latest updates. 
Dezeen x LG Display's OLED Go! Competition, 2021
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