Hello there! I am an innovation design engineer by training, experience wizard and a curious explorer at heart.

People x Environment x Conversations. This is where the magic begins.

A curated, collection of work from my stint at Dyson.
Team, Engineering, Innovation
Non-invasive Glucometer
Using skin-impedance to measure and monitor blood sugar levels for diabetic individuals.
Solo, Experimental, Medical
Dialogue With Nature
Interacting with nature via an intentional imagery.
Team, Experimental, Exploratory
Analogue Digital Watch
A timepiece that pays homage to nostalgic, pixelated screens.
Solo, Experimental, Exploratory
Design Oxymoron
Innovation through contradiction.
Education, Innovation, Exploratory
Batu & Stool Bench
Encapsulating memories of Holland Village in a public seating.
Team, Product, Cultural
An Urn Is An Open Book
Challenging archetypal definition of an urn and how people interact with one.
Solo, Experimental, Cultural
Headphones with temperature changing ear buds.
Solo, Environment, Innovation
Envisioning the future of urban mobility for Arrival UK.
Solo, Mobility, Innovation
Smoke And Mirrors
Applying principles of magic to daily interactions.
Education, Experimental, Exploratory
Work@Deloitte Digital
A curated, collection of work from my stint at Deloitte Digital SEA.
Team, UI UX Research, Consulting
Transforming ugly food into cosmetics.
Solo, Environment, Experimental
Envisioning the future of OLED technology for LG.
Solo, Innovation, Technology
Augmented Reality (AR) navigation system that empowers path-finding in vertical cities and spaces.
Team, AR, Spatial
Design Probes
Collection of 3 probes for Visions Of The Future Exhibition.
Solo, Behaviour Change, Social Impact
Drone design for D1 Racing Singapore.
Solo, Product, Technology
Portable UV-C sterilisation accessory for Schumann Labs.
Solo, Health, Technology
Nature-inspired, air purification system that cleans polluted air with dry, atomised water vapour.
Solo, Social Impact, Technology
Neck wearable that changes our perception of temperature to help us cope with global warming and heat waves.
Team, Environment, Healthcare
Ocean Monitoring Network Initiative. A low cost and open-source platform to gather and analyse critical data from the seas.
Solo, UI/UX, Technology
Modular alarm system which utilises contextual tension to encourage occupant evacuation and facilitate path finding during emergencies.
Solo, Behaviour Change, Social Impact
Digital platform that empowers Kenyan community leaders to educate youths on sexual and reproductive health.
Team, UI/UX, Healthcare
Elastic Light
Gizmo that captures and expresses light in a fun, tangible form.
Solo, Experimental, Technology
System that stimulates mental engagement among elderly to prevent memory loss.
Team, Speculative, Machine Learning
Collection of kitchen tools that leverages on sensory feedback and tactile cues to help the visually impaired prepare food safely with confidence and dignity.
Solo, Social Impact, Product
Crownless timepiece with a satisfying new way to set time.
Team, Entrepreneurship, Product
Lunar & Jupiter
Light vessels that are transformed from waste, industrial cling wraps.
Team, Environment, Experimental
Lamp proposal for HAY.
Team, Product, Technology
Trophy design for Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE).
Team, Brand & Identity, Product
Design Journey
An archive of projects, ideas and milestones.
Reflection, Growth, Evolution
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